Animal Pleasure Third
トビラ でじぱれ




An illustration collection of the bestiality with dogs.
9 base images, 57 images including variations.
Together with images with text and size variations, total number of images is 228 images.

Scenes includes semen drinking, deep throat, triple penetration, pregnancy, expansion, cross-sectional view, etc.
Only for the fetishists!

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キツネノ ネ | URL | 2009/06/04(木) 18:23 [編集]
Nice to meet you、Aerial

I am 「キツネノ ネ」(kithuneno ne)

Thank you for comment.

It is studied Japanese.

Please do its best without acting rashly! !

Health is the first.

Thank you for buying a work.

Please support him from now on.

Your comment gives me power! (^ w ^)

The above-mentioned sentence uses translation software.

Therefore the sentence becomes the concise contents.

Thank you.
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| | 2009/06/07(日) 15:42 [編集]

Aerial | URL | 2009/06/09(火) 02:33 [編集]
Okay let me try this. Here is a translation of my previous question with some of my software-------->


If that does not work then let me simplify the questions. Here we go......

Are you gonna do more projects with Mama Anna?

If so what kind? Manga or CG set?

Will you ever be doing anymore mangas with plump women in it?

Can you draw a picture of Mama from Mama Anna?

Sorry for the late reply, my birthday came up and was not home much.......turned 20>.>

キツネノ ネ | URL | 2009/06/09(火) 21:46 [編集]
Hello Aerial Mr.

It wishes you to be healthy.

Is it a talk of the sequel of the work like [mamaana]?

As for [mamaana], the production of the sequel is not scheduled.

Hereafter, the work of the woman with plump body will be made (・∀・).

Then, I must be going.

It takes care about the body.

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